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pacific time, 3:00 eastern time. a blizzard is coming for tens of millions of you. by midday tomorrow, no driving according to our first alert forecasters. we have that covered as well. for now, to mr. bill. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> the president and first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. when your dad says something, you listen. >> bush is unbelievable, man. this guy is un[bleep] believable. >> bill: quite a turn around for comedian chris rock who is now supporting gun control who is singer tony bennett. how much do these guys know? we have a special report. >> who the hell died and named karl rove queen for the day. >> shepard: karl rove under fire from some on the right. mr. rove will tell us exactly how he feels about that. >> smaller government, less to worry about. >> but big everything else? >> of course. >> bill: jesse watters with another watters world. the question this evening, is
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the man over exposed? >> what's your favorite part of the factor? >> jesse watters. >> surprise, surprise, surprise. >> bill: caution, you are about to it enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the debate over guns, ramps up. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. there is a group called mayor's against illegal guns. founded by new york city mayor michael bloomberg. yesterday they went to washington to make their case for stricter gun control. basically the group wants to ban assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. they also want background checks for every gun sold in america. and they would federalize a few gun crimes but not many. in order to get attention for their cause, the mayor's group needs some high powered, pardon the pun, folks backing
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them up. enter a few celebrities, including chris rock. >> i am just here to support the president of the united states. the president of the united states is, you know, our boss. but he is also, you know, the president and the first lady are kind of like the mom and the dad of the country. >> bill: wow. so mr. rock is supporting tighter gun control because that's what president obama and mrs. obama want. and mr. rock, above all, wants to be respectful to the presidency. quite a change. >> bush is unbelievable, man. this guy's un[bleep] believable. he ain't the worst president of the united states. he is the worse president of presidents. the worst pta president. president of black association. president of major league baseball. worldwide wrestling federation.
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worst president ever. >> bill: summing up mr. obama is the good dad, mr. bush the bad dad. then there is singer tony bennett who also wants stricter gun control. >> i just believe that assault weapons they were invented for war. they shouldn't be in our streets here. it's the kind of turn that happens to the great country of germany when nazis came over and created tragic things and they had to be told off. >> bill: well, a few things mr. bennett might want to consider. the nazis were not told off. they were defeated by brave men armed with guns. also the nazis took most guns away from civilians, both german and those under occupation. in fact, hitler imposed the strictest gun control on earth and mr. bennett, the only reason the nazis didn't get further in their quest for
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world documentation is that folks in the balkans and france and other occupied countries hid weapons and then used them against the nazis. those people were called partisans. now, we asked tony bennett and chris rock on the factor, they declined. i think we all know why. so this is just dopey. we need intelligent debate on the gun situation. not ridiculous posturing. talking points has clearly stated that gun legislation is needed and all gun crimes should be federalized. trotting out vac could youous, word of the day celebrities gets us nowhere or am i wrong? -- you saw this dog and pony
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show, it hurts your cause because you need persuasion. you need to persuade most americans that tighter gun control is necessary. and trotting out chris rock and tony bebb -- bennett. i'm telling you couldn't get two worse guys to persuade anybody. >> well, i'm going to disagree with you a little bit there, you know. first of all the press conference which i spoke at included a lot more more people than chris rock and tony bennett there was survivors. >> bill: who gets the face time though? who gets the attention? >> well, as far as the media goes, that's not up to me. as far as the press conference itself went, we have had a lot of interesting people with different perspectives up there. >> bill: surely you are seeing my point. the mass media reaches the folks. these are the people that you guys bring in to represent yourself to the mass media knowing they will get on entertainment tonight, they will get on the factor, they will get on the other programs. they come off as misinformed,
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uninformed, let's be charitable. all right? it doesn't help you guys. >> well, i mean i think chris rock's point, if you can get past whether you agree with how he presented it or not was that we support the president. and the president has come out with strong leadership on how he believes and some suggestions that he has made on how we might be able to address this issue in a comprehensive way. >> bill: it's not enough to say we support the president if you are chris rock because we all know that. we all know he is a fan of mr. obama. what rock should have said, if he could possibly put the words together and i don't believe he could. was, you know what? this is why i feel that president obama is correct. this is the america that i would like to see. and articulate some points. but he can't or won't do that and he comes across as a partisan buffoon. >> well, he can do that. i have heard him do that. >> bill: he didn't do it yesterday. >> this was a big press conference. >> bill: we asked him to come on this program and he he wouldn't come on.
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>> well, you know, there is reasons for that, i'm sure, you know, you probably understand. but going back a second to the press conference yesterday, you know, a lot of people spoke there. and they made some really interesting points. you know, amanda pete was there and she talked about funding for research on this issue and the importance of putting more money into funding this issue so we he have better data on what works. >> bill: we don't have any more money here and you know that look, we can't be -- you and i are not far apart on this issue, by the way. all right? we are not. >> i agree. >> bill: i want the government to have control over gun violence. i mean, i certainly want that. and i think 90% of americans want it, too. including many of the nra members. it's how you go about it taking guns away from law abiding people, not going to solve the problem. federalizing all gun crimes with mandatory minimum 10 years sentences for people who violate, that will solve your problem at least partially. you will never stop the nuts. i will give you the last word. >> well, i would just like to say that taking guns away from
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law abiding people isn't an issue because we have the second amendment and the heller decision which doesn't allow for that. >> bill: that's what the assault rifle deal is all about. >> the assault rifle deal is something we need to talk about. as i said initially that would be great to know more. after newtown it's amazing if we at least don't have a conversation about whether we need all of these weapons out there and so easily available. i mean, the impact that they can cause is profound. >> bill: that's what this program is here for. >> only thing we should do? no way. >> bill: that's what this program is here for. that's why you are appearing. but rock and bennett and all these other people they won't aappear because they simply don't know enough. i'm suggesting to you, i'm sure there are other people that feel the way you do, who are famous, find them. thanks for coming on. next on the run down, another celebrity getting involved with politics, ashley judd and karl rove's group is is going after her. wait until you see this moments away. [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. actress ashley judd thinking about running for the senate in kentucky. wig abortion activists among other things. that puts her at odds with republicans like karl rove. recently his group american crossroads put out this ad. >> you know what this country really needs? an independent voice for obama. >> i am committed to president obama and vice president biden. i think he is a brilliant man. he is now able to flower more as the president i knew he could be. >> someone who shares our values. >> aggressively radical. >> someone from out of state who understands us. >> i don't know a lot of hill billies who golf. hill billies, hill billies. >> her own grandmother says she is a hollywood liberal. but isn't that what we need? ashley judd, an obama following radical hollywood liberal.
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>> bill: that doesn't sound good. joining u.s. now though react xenia maxwell and leslie marshall also a woman of the left. all right. leslie, i don't know why rove and his pals wasted the money. she hasn't declared. rove is coming up and i will ask him. but the ad is basically, you know, another almost what i said, that these people, they come, you know, they are celebrities. they really don't know anything. and, you know, why are we bothering? and you say? >> oh, i say i'm living in california where arnold schwarzenegger won because he is a celebrity. some people would say in new york that's why hillary clinton was voted into the senate. we have seen people in washington, sony bono, gopher on the love boat. and there are people in kentucky that are younger, that are not of the mind of senator mitch mcconnell and i say it makes the senator look bad because why is he worried?
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a, she hasn't announced that she is running and b i thought he felt very secure in his position of representing that state. >> bill: i don't know what mcconnell has to say about it we should note zerlina that ashley judd is not chris rock and tony bennett. she went to my alma mater. i almost flunked out and she did very well. she is very smart. shea doesn't mix it up. she won't come on this program. i have been trying to get her on for years. she simply won't do it. and, i think that the strategy is, look, this money -- this is woman is going to be able to get a lot of money because she is a celebrity. so all the guys out in hollywood will be writing her checks. we want to kind of define her now before she gets any momentum. which is a pretty smart deal for rove and his crew, right? >> yes. it's a very smart strategy. but i think it's off the mark. because she is not a vacuous celebrity. >> you can portray her that. >> she is the biggest wynn wynn wildcats basketball fan
8:15 pm
probably on earth. she is connected to kentucky in real way. she may live in tennessee now. that doesn't mean if she moved back to kentucky,. >> bill: i think she actually has bought something in kentucky. i think she is going to go there. we will all agree then that ashley judd is not chris rock and tony bennett and that the republicans have to be worried about her. i think. i think they have to be worried and that's why they took out the ad, leslie. so, come on. i mean, the ad was a smart play. >> yes. it was. but, premature. my 4-year-old daughter wants to be president. should i get her a press person now to combat any negative ad campaigns? >> bill: no, no. just is in play. if they can demonize her enough, before she actually announces, that's good for them. you know, you know, leslie, i'm going to ask you a quiz question here. who are they taking their cue from here? who? >> well, i'm sure you are
8:16 pm
going to say it's my side. right, bill? my democratic liberal friends? >> bill: the obama campaign demonized politic romney at all, did you? >> you know what, bill, what the ad doesn't say is really anything that any voter doesn't know. the people of ken are smarter than that i mean, certainly we democrats like or even love our president. agree with him. we have the same ideology. >> bill: yeah, the hill billie thing and elitism thing. all right. so you wouldn't cop to rove stealing stuff from the obama campaign because they won because they demonized romney didn't they? >> oh, yeah. >> it's clear that republicans and karl rove's group are very concerned because mitch mcconnell is only polling at 47%. set incumbent. >> absolutely they don't want to lose old mitch. they don't want to lose him. okay. leslie, last question for you on this. i don't want to belabor it. but my point was. in the beginning of the program. that using people like tony bennett and chris rock to
8:17 pm
support some kind of very serious situation like gun control is really dumb, is it not? >> yes and. no. >> yes and no, here would go. >> no, no. chris rock i didn't think was prepared. but then again sometimes just the presence of a big celebrity can should light -- shed light on an issue. >> >> bill: tony bennett was real prepared, wasn't he, leslie? >> served our country in the army in world war ii. he is an older man. cut him some slack, okay? >> bill: i'm not cutting him anything. he shows up, he opens his mouth, he is in the debate. i think it hurt him. >> that's how arnold became governor here, bill. >> we are talking about it it because celebrities endorsed this very important issue. >> yeah. he heard your -- he hurt your cause. you don't think they hurt your cause? >>. no because part of getting what you want done is getting people to pay attention. >> they are paying attention to it they have got to be better people than that all right, ladies, thanks very much.
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we will have karl rove himself as i said on the factor later on. directly ahead, laura ingraham on the big benghazi and cia hearings today. later, watters world goes where few men have ever gone or something. watters wanted more exposure. we gave it to him. upcoming. to grow, we have to boost our social media visibility. more "likes." more tweets. so, beginning today, my son brock and his whole team
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>> bill: in the week from review from the ingraham angle tonight. leon panetta talking about the giant screw up in benghazi, libya. john brennan explaining the killer drone situation to the senate because he wants to be the new cia director. joining us now from florida where she has been monitoring the proceedings today laura ingraham. so let's take benghazi first. did you learn anything? >> well, one thing that was interesting i thought from the panetta testimony is when
8:22 pm
general dempsey, he testified with leon panetta, chairman of the joint chiefs and he said he was surprised when he was pressed that hillary clinton didn't read that all important august 15th cable, right, where chris stevens said we aren't going to be able to repel an attack in benghazi with what we have. he was pressed on that. surprised didn't see it yeah, i would say i was surprised. i thought that was interesting. because it looked like buck passing going on panetta and demps dr. from the state department. people are wondering why we didn't have armed aircraft in the vicinity. well, we didn't have enough time essentially saying the state department didn't request it. so, it all seems like fingers are pointing in the other direction. and i didn't learn all that much. >> here is what i think happened. and you can -- i don't want to do this anymore because nothing is going to happen. all right? nobody is going to be
8:23 pm
disciplined. nobody is going to be scolded. nobody is going it admit anything. the ambassador over there christopher stephens knew security was bad outside of tripfully. all right? the embassy where stephens lived was protected by marines. he had enough there. he knew when he traveled in the country he didn't have enough security. he told the state department that in writing. all right? what else could he do besides resign, all right? hillary clinton didn't read the memos. that's how people delegate sometimes. she didn't read it she didn't know it she wasn't paying attention to it. panetta didn't know. he is department of defense. he is not paying attention to that. all right. dempsey didn't know. is he not paying attention to that it all goes down, okay. and the bottom line is the state department didn't protect their guy. it's their fault and that's that. bill. the thing about this though is panetta and dempsey and they said well, we didn't have the time to deploy the aircraft.
8:24 pm
>> bill: they didn't. >> graham pushed them on it and mccain pushed them on it and i think at the end of all of this, we think about all all of this went down, it was 9/11. they said there were 300 threats around the world. >> bill: yep. this wasn't any old outpost. this was a place where the british had pulled out. we had seen major incursions in that area. we had the front of the gate blown out already on that compound earlier in the year. so they had lots of warning science. >> bill: they were watching in egypt as you remember egypt went up before. that's where the military is watching. not a backwater like benghazi. i don't blame the military here. i have got it get on to brennan. brennan is the architect of the drones blowing people all up over the world. >> 700% increase from george bush. >> bill: as we pointed out last night there is a hypocrisy in the way the media
8:25 pm
covers this because they went miss taker call over waterboarding, they don't say much about the drone strikes until now. now a few of them come out and say something. i support the drone strikes because i believe that the cia is doing what they should do it to eliminate these al qaeda people and protect not only the civilians, american civilians but the armed forces. so we don't have to send seals in. we can blow these guys up and it's war. >> bill, what we have also had people like stanley mcchrystal's former general mcchrystal say the problem with using these drone strikes, to the extent that we are using them, 300 plus now, is that they actually cause an enormous amount of, you know, people are resentful overseas because of all the collateral damage and obviously there was collateral damage during war time, everybody knows that. but for obama, he he came into office, get rid of gitmo. getting rid of gitmo. unstretch hand and unclinch first and world is going to be a better place.
8:26 pm
mcchrystal's point is we have to be very careful here. if that's one of obama's goals. new america, new approach it's not bush. then essentially when used against american citizens, which we haven't talked about, this has all sorts of other repercussions in the middle east. bill till it has unintended consequences. i support the drone program. i do. >> do you support them against american citizens. >> bill: if they are working with al qaeda. >> how about the standards they have, bill? the standards imminent is the shifting definition of imminent threat. >> bill: all right, well, next week i have got to run now. next week we will discuss that all right, ms. laura, have a good time in florida. plenty more as the factor moves along this evening. karl rove under attack by right wing people. he willer here to respond. jesse watters as a naturist resort. talking some politics. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. this is so sick! i can't believe your mom let you take her car out. this is awesome!
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a. >> in the are we crazy segment tonight, the disturbing new stud dr. the children hospital medical center. dr. jennial says 30% of the teenage girls that she surveyed reported meeting face-to-face with people theyed me on the internet. that sobbously not a good situation. joining us now from san diego bonny psychologist and attorney. and wendy walsh also a psychologist. begin with you. were you surprised by this study? >> yes, i was surprised. that's why i decided to read the stuferredy in detail.
8:31 pm
bill it was only 250 girls. half of them were in the department of children services radar because they had undergone some abuse. all of them had a public profile on myspace back in 2008. that can be dangerous to be public. it's hard to generalize this for the entire population. >> bill: all right. so, for those people who don't really understand the internet aspect of this. when you have a public face on facebook or something else, that invites meetings with strangers? is that what you are saying? >> well, it means anyone anywhere in the world can look at your picture and look at everything you post. my daughter, for instance, is a teenager in that demographic, almost 15, but she has a completely private facebook page. if you tried to search for her, you couldn't find her. she has to invite you in and be her friend and i have to approve the friend request because i'm monitoring what she does online but these kids were free range online. >> bill: almost every day dr. forest we read about
8:32 pm
terrible crimes committed not only with children but adults as well where somebody meets somebody online and have a meet up some place in person and bad things happen. this is the danger and this is what we are talking about. but i don't understand why teenagers want to do this when they have plenty of other kids they can meet face to face and evaluate them in realtime rather than on some machine. >> well, bill, that's the interesting part about the internet. it really facilitates interaction and communications in a whole different way. and so what we found, what was in other studies about this is that most of these occurred situations where they are meeting older men and majority, 99% of them were men happened in online chat rooms. it's much easier to chat with somebody online than have to have a conversation face to face though. >> bill: why is that? why is it easier to talk to somebody online face to face or on the telephone? >> well, i think it's partially because social relationships, and being social when you are a teen can
8:33 pm
be awkward. it's a skill that teens are learning. they are coming into their own identities. it's much easier to hide behind a computer or hide behind a machine and be a little anonymous. >> bill: do you agree with that dr. walsh. >> i do. and the sad thing is they are not learning it you are confused by how it can be difficult to pick up the phone because you have great communication skills. you are somebody who would rather do face to face and get all that other information. >> bill: i would rather not talk to anybody. i'm antisocial. >> that too. these teens have really lost those communication skills. >> bill: that's an interesting point. but when you are not seeing the person. look, remember the notre dame guy. you know, with the phony girlfriend. i don't buy that story to this day. that he falls in love, you know, with nobody. he falls in love with a fan tom who turned out to be some gay guy who he thought was some woman. this, to me, is just like bizarreo world. this is is a little speculative but i think it's an interesting question.
8:34 pm
if we continue down this road, dr. forest, where the younger americans are addicted to these machines and many of them are, in a variety of different ways, what's going to happen? what is the unintended consequence of all of this? >> i am totally with you on, this bill. i am very concerned about how much time kids are spending on the internet. and what it does is it doesn't teach them important socialization skills that they not only need to relate to each other and say high and go out and have lunch. these are skills that people need to hold jobs. >> bill: yeah, to make a living. >> absolutely. the number one reason, bill, people get fired is not because they are not smart enough, it's because they can't get along with other people. and that they don't have the ability to do those interactions that wendy and i i have just talked about. really super important skill and kids aren't learning it i think in fact because they're spending so much time on the internet. >> bill: dr. walsh, 30
8:35 pm
seconds, unintended consequences. >> continued breakdown of the family. the glue in real relationships is emotional intimacy. and if you are not learning the skills to create emotional intimacy, you can't teach them to kids. you are going to be divorced. your kids are going to get divorced and we will see more and more single mothers. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. when we come right pack, karl rove under fire from the right wing for starting up a new republican group. jesse watters talking some politics. [. >> this is a fox news alert. from new york, i'm marianne rafer at this. we are taking you now live to a news conference about christopher donner, the california excop who is accused of shooting three people to death. let's listen in. >> what i said is that we didn't find the suspect, that we did find some tracks but they did not lead to the suspect at this point. >> my question is where did they lead? >> i'm not going to provide any additional information other than we did follow some tracks but they have not led to the suspect. >> did they go a residential area? >> no, sir. >> did those tracks begin at the vehicle. >> yes, sir. >> how far did those tracks
8:36 pm
lead? >> i don't have that information at this point. >> sheriff, is the search going to continue all through the night or are you going to call it off with the storm coming in how are you going to handle that. >> we will continue it as long as we can, weather permitting. [everyone talking at once] >> tracking dogs? >> it doesn't affect the dogs. we do have dogs here with us tonight. the snow on the ground does give us a pretty good idea where the tracks are going. and it doesn't affect the dogs, at least not at this point. >> sheriff, what about air resources? can they be used? >> go door to door and each and every single cabin and home in the area. >> we are continuing the door-to-door search in the immediate area, yes. >> sheriff, do you have any air resources that will be able to go overnight, using -- try to find this guy. >> we have air resources with fleur it depending on the weather whether they continue to fly tonight. >> were what resources do you have on the ground. >> there is 125 law enforcement officers in this
8:37 pm
general area both tracking as well as doing the door-to-door searches. >> is there concern that the suspect might be baiting law enforcement into a confrontation. >> certainly there is always that concern. we are extremely careful and we are worried about this individual. we are taking every precaution we possibly can. >> sheriff, residents have expressed concern about all the empty homes in the area. when you are going door-to-door and the home is empty then. >> what if we see signs of forced entry we will look at it. >> who is leading the search right now? >> who is leading the search? out here? we have a command post set up. we have a number of people. >> who is the agency taking the lead? >> san bernardino county is the lead agency on this part of the investigation. >> you can give them some advice right now in this area? >> i talked to them earlier at the last press conference. the trick is to make sure if they see anything unusual, if they see anybody who looks suspicious to let us know. we have plenty of uniformed
8:38 pm
police officers around the community to respond to their service. >> stay off the streets tonight if they can to stay at home if at all possible? >> certainly. >> do you know if the suspect has any survivalist training? >> i do not know that at this point. >> do we have anything in the way of information or what he had with him in the truck? >> i can't tell you whether he is here or not because i don't know at this point. but we're assuming that he is still in the area because we are continuing to look. until we find some other information, we'll continue our search. >> sheriff, the dogs with his scent were they able to track him at all. >> i'm not going to talk about any portion of that during the course of the investigation. >> did you recover anything in the truck equipment packs weapons food anything else? >> i'm not going to talk about what the investigation has led to in the vehicle itself. i will tell you we will process the vehicle tonight at our crime lab in san bernardino. members of the los angeles police department irvine police department and riverside police department will be participating in that evaluation along with our folks.
8:39 pm
>> thank you. >> any tips? any sight? anything. >> there has been tips coming from all over the state throughout the day. those specific tips that we're afraid of in this area] no specific tips] >> [inaudible] chief, you have seen anything like this in your career, ever? i mean something of this magnitude? >> i really would not like to get into the magnitude of this. this is certainly a very violent and tragic event and i would like to stay focused on the safety message to the community and description of our efforts. thank you. >> what's your department doing up here? do you have resources up here now? >> we have resources up here. we're going to continue to support the san bernardino sheriff's department. and the identification apprehension of this suspect as is riverside. this is a whole law enforcement community effort. it has been since the start it will continue into a culmination with the arrest and capture of this suspect.
8:40 pm
>> thank you. >> thank you. >> you were just listening to a spokesperson, chief actually the los angeles police department also sheriff john mcmahon from the san bernardino county. this is on christopher donner. he is the excop accused of shooting three people to death and there is now an intense manhunt on. so far they have not found anything in that search will continue for christopher donner out in california. he he is shown here. the search is continuing with 125 officers that are involved. the police spokesperson saying that they're being extremely careful. they are also worried about this individual. they say he is armed. is he a former police officer and they believe that he is armed and has made several threats. they are going to be tracking him as long as they can. for now, back to the o'reilly factor already in progress. >> american crossroads to get involved in primaries.
8:41 pm
are you sure said we don't have a better record than the tea party. first of all, we have never been involved in primaries as a group before. i have been involved personally, i gave money to marco rubio early in his campaign. primary campaign against charlie crist. i gave money early to pat toomey, went and gave to a speech in new york to a group of pennsylvania don't norris endorsing it toomey in the primary. i gave money to tim scott, a republican candidate from south carolina who i met. i gave it to the primary when there were so-called establishment candidates. crossroads heretofore has not been involved in primaries. what they have been doing is spending a lot of money on behalf of tea party candidates. we spent over $30 million on behalf of tea party senate candidates and over $25 million for tea party house candidates. 2.9 million for marco rubio. let me finish. 2 .9 rubio. 8 million for buck. >> bill: i believe you. >> here is the issue. we spent $5.9 million for richard murdock who said that it was god's will if a woman is raped and became pregnant.
8:42 pm
we spent $3.3 million in missouri until todd akin. we stopped spending when todd akin said woman's body knows when she has been illegitimately or will legitimately raped whatever that means. our donors to whom we have responsibility said we are happy to keep writings big checks but we have got to do a better job of getting better conservative candidates in these races. >> bill: so you have made some mistakes. everybody makes mistakes. >> sure. >> bill: there is a philosophical difference from say a christine o'donnell in delaware, remember christine? big star among the tea party people but the woman couldn't put three sentences together and she got her butt kicked by a very weak candidate coons, right? >> 16 point defeat. >> there is a difference between people on the far right who don't -- who do appeal to some americans who really don't have, look -- >> -- bill, this is not a bad ideology. this is about being a bad candidate. marco rubio is a strong,
8:43 pm
conservative candidate. >> bill: he is -- i would say is he a moderate republican. >> look, rand paul. >> bill: is he more conservative than rubio. >> look, we gave more money, spent more money on behalf of these tea party candidates than any other group in america, any group. i love these groups criticizing us saying they are fake conservatives. i repeat, we spent $30 million for tea party senate candidates and $25 million -- there is no group that comes close to what crossroads has done in terms of financial support for tea party candidates. and the question is not tea party or not. it's not the question of tea party or not. it's a question whether or not they are a bad candidate or not. look we are talking to a rot rot -- lotted of conservative groups. there are groups out and there we're talking to them. saying look let's sit down and figure out if we can do a better job of vetting these candidates. look even conservative groups involved in primaries don't get it right. i was afraid of scott walker at the convention. i went and spoke at the
8:44 pm
convention that nominated him. do you think he is a conservative? guess what? one of the conservative groups opposed him for the nomination for governor. so, even conservative groups don't get it right. but the issue is can we begin to do a better job of vetting these candidates so we target our money and our resources better get candidates who can win the election. most conservative candidate who can win. >> bill: poor ashley judd come on now, making fun of her. >> we are making fun of her. we are making fun of her by using her comments. a woman who says i'm deliciously radical. the woman who says such afoosball things about president obama who lost kentucky by a very large double digit gap. she is way far out on the left wing of the democratic party which is not very far out left in kentucky. >> bill: why are you spending the money though so early that was the democrats' question. >> well, first of all didn't
8:45 pm
spend that much money. we spent $10,000 to put it on the internet. we put $2,500 into the ad. we don't want to have what happened in kentucky to happen in minnesota. where al franken knew i need to have a short campaign. i don't want people to pay a lot of attention to me. i don't want them to know a lot about me except i'm a celebrity and a nice guy. she doesn't want a long campaign because this is just the opening story. this is the opening ad. she has said a bunch of stuff that the people of kentucky when they hear about it are not going to like and we are going to lay it out in plenty of time for people to get a handle on it. she is going to get to know that she is not going to be able to wait until the screen writers of california and producers can make her look good and prepare the ad and give her lots of lines to memorize so that she can handle these things. we are going to make her start saying where she is coming from. >> bill: if you make her cry will you make her cry? >> look, o'reilly, only you
8:46 pm
could be concerned with making a political figure cry. i mean, please. i'm. >> bill: i'm a compassionate man. you know how compassionate i am. >> we want her to explain these radical views she has got and in the weeks and months ahead we will continue to introduce those radical views to the people of kentucky. >> bill: karl rove, everybody. there he is. jesse watters on deck. we sent watters down to florida to get some exposure. he got it with naked people. watters world moments away. [ male announcer ] at his current pace, bob will retire when he's 153, which would be fine if bob were a vampire. but he's not. ♪ he's an architect with two kids and a mortgage. luckily, he found someone who gave him a fresh perspective on hisortfolio. and with some planning and effort, hopefully bob can retire at a more appropriate age.
8:47 pm
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>> bill: back ever the book segment tonight. watters world. as you may know our pal jesse has gone where few minute will ever go. let carpet like the oscars, for example. watters has been asking me for even more exposure so i said
8:50 pm
fine. we sent him down to florida to visit some naturists. ♪ ♪ >> we're in major debt right now. why don't you think people are upset and have a sense of urgency about the fiscal state of the country? >> as it's going along, they are starting to realize it is a real problem and something that everybody really needs to be involved in. >> the spending, especially the deficit, that needs to be under control. >> you really believe that? >> i have my concerns but i do believe we have a president that is at the helm of this nation and will steer it in the right direction. >> is it cold in here. >> not to me. >> temperature is -- >> why are you wearing a pink shirt. >> i'm trying to fit in here. it's flesh colored. >> i don't want to get naked in front of another man. >> a lot of spending and a lot of debt. are you concerned about that? >> i think that. [crickets chirping]
8:51 pm
>> um. >> i don't have a lot of money to begin with you about i did vote for obama. >> we're down right now as a country. we will come back. >> we need to get back to we the people. less government. >> we are doomed, doomed, doomed the next four years. >> i don't know if it's really record spending. i'm not really sure about that >> is there anything about the president that concerns you? >> i think he is trying to bring the country into the right direction. >> i'm a little concerned about the gun control issue. everybody in florida wants their guns. in crickets chirping] >> i think he is doing a fair job considering what he had to come into. >> we wish him the best. he had four years. he got four more. let's do it. >> let's go! come on! >> maybe -- >> speak, speak. why don't you speak? >> what are you happy about that he was reelected for? >> i think he is trying to
8:52 pm
move us out of the problems the republicans got us into in the first place. >> smaller government, less to worry about. >> why do you think the press is so in bed with president obama? >> mainstream media is to control and brain wash the average american person. is he a little charismatic more than the rest of the presidents. >> anyone who wants to go can go. anyone who wants to stay can stay. >> you are like the nude glenn beck? >> doll, shhh, shhh. >> are you a factor fan? >> yes. >> what's the best part about the show for you personally? >> i like when he calls people out on things. >> i think he is ridiculous. i don't enjoy his show. >> you think bill is ridiculous? >> yes. >> you think bill is ridiculous? who is looking out for you? >> you better not be. you better be looking up here. >> i will be watching you. >> what's your favorite part of the factor? >> probably the talking points and jesse watters.
8:53 pm
>> surprise, surprise, surprise. >> here now is watters. that was in the west coast of florida? >> just pass co-county, north of tampa. >> all right. is it like a hotel? you just have to book in there. >> you can do one night or you can do a week or buy a condo there. >> you can buy a condo. >> three quarters of a million dollars you can move me there. [ laughter ] >> bill: do you have to be naked or you can have clothes. >> they call it clothing optional. i exercised the optional part. >> bill: thank god. >> i thought you were going to be heavy on the pins like you don't have a problem with concealed weapons and stuff like that. you avoided that. >> they did say gun control is. >> they are packing heat down. >> there they are not packing anything. >> was it hard for you when you were interviewing them to. >> very hard. >> it was? >> very hard. >> i kept the eye contact up here i was trained. >> i told you to do that.
8:54 pm
>> you told me to keep the eye contact high. >> it seems like they were very friendly nice people. >> one of the friendliest group of people i have ever done in all of my watters world. >> do you know why? >> they had nothing to hide. >> that's right. everything was out on the jesse watters, everybody. you got paid to do that. >> the left wick loons after me again. the tip 60 seconds away. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day.
8:55 pm
people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking advair. if you're still having difficulty breathing, ask your doctor if including advair could help improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at >> time for tip of the taye. the left wing after me again. and for valentine's day, i love my country, no spin husband, no spin wife and trinkets and three best selling books and write an endearment for your valentine, they'll like you for it. check it out on
8:56 pm and now in honolulu, bill, couldn't agree more with your talking points, the epidemic of disrespect. i work in college the freshmen have a sense of entitlement, i think they get it from indulgent parenting. you bullied kirsten power when she didn't see the disrespect issue your way. balderdash, did i bully beckel in the segment after that? come on. and miss powers should have shown more respect to you, mr. o'reilly. why? she's debating me. i was fine. vermont, teachers of young students, i was offended to hear you blame us for the lack of respect in this country. i didn't do that, katherine, my talking points is posted on the fox news website, reread it. washington, you hit the nail, o'reilly, school
8:57 pm
administrators are the problem and in my 20 years of teaching i've found them inconsistent and disconnected. thank you, don. and from thief river falls, minnesota, bill, don't blame the public school system, respect starts at home. every good teacher knows students who have derelict parents and the teachers and administrators have to impose enough discipline to teach all the students even with those with bad parents to act respectfully and hold them accountable if they don't. that's not done in many schools and you know it. and as a teacher, my colleagues and i are frustrated that administrators will not impose standards of behavior and i feel for you, aaron, i really do. >> and stephanie, i'm a high school senior and there are no consequences for students who are disrespectful. i'm glad you and miller are coming here, we have the best barbecue in the nation and see
8:58 pm
you at midland theater on june 22nd, denver the day before, june 21st at the buell and los angeles at the nokia, march 1st, d.c. april 26th. long island, and check them out on and the factor tip of the day, more deceit from the far left. for 17 long years these loons have been trying to marginalize me and they failed and even though their attempts are extremely tedious they continue. they have nothing else to do. now, last night i talked with bob beckel about the difference in analysis on the subject of water-boarding, as compared to killing people with drones, a policy president obama embraces. i put forth that over at nbc news and other media places they were hysterical over water boarding. but muted over president obama's drone attacks, at least until yesterday. the media on the far left machine cranked up, o'reilly didn't say that nbc broke the
8:59 pm
drone memo story, he's a deceiver, true, i didn't say that nbc broke the drone story, because we weren't talking about that. water boarding versus drone strikes, once again, we have a propaganda campaign designed to make ignorant people on the left even more ignorant. factor tip of the day, don't deal with loons. i have to, you shouldn't have to. that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website which is different from also, would would like you to spout out about the factor anywhere in the world, o', name and town if you wish to opine. and the word of the day, a good word do not be indolent. and i know i

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